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25-Dec-2019 05:33

But at the end of the day, it should be reached in one way or another. The reasons are good and plenty: unmatched speeds, durability, lower power consumption, easier maintenance (HDDs require defragmentation) and superior resistance to external damage.If you haven’t had a laptop with an SSD, it is the single best upgrade you could do to improve your day-to-day experience when using a laptop.But as an architect, you do not necessarily need to get an SSD, especially if you’re looking for a laptop at 0 or under.That’s because SSDs primarily speed up your startup times and general initial setup: opening Auto CAD/Revit, all of your projects, web browser and other software (Revit & Auto CAD sometimes take a solid minute to load).But when you have 16GB or more – memory manager will keep everything you’re working on in your super -fast memory instead of throwing it away or moving it to a slower disk storage.That’s why even if right now your 8GB PC is actively using 6-7 GB, if you’d add extra 8GB, it would report using 9-11 GB for the same apps!At the end, it means, that unless you’re getting an i7 CPU (or the very best i5 chips) – you’ll be limited in your workflow.So here are the EXACT models I would insist on when seeking for the best laptops for architecture: Memory is important for multitasking and for working with large projects.

But when you have other applications running or when you’re working on a large project for hours – having only 8GB will take a toll on overall performance.But if you’re getting a large 15″ or 17″ laptop, you can get easily buy additional memory sticks and upgrade it yourself or ask a professional/tech-savvy friend to do it.

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